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Glass fiber reinforced plastic grille matters needing attention

Release date:2017-03-17 10:42:18 Views:566

1, because the density is small, material is qualitative light, the underground water level to higher installation of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille floating extremely easily, must consider setting up town pier or rainwater runoff anti-floating measures such as channel.
2, in has been shipped on glass fiber reinforced plastic grille tee, repair pipe crack, etc, the construction requirements completely dry conditions similar to the plant and construction of resin and fiber cloth still need 7-8 hours of curing, and site construction and repair of generally difficult to meet this requirement.
3, existing underground pipeline detection equipment mainly detect metal pipeline, and nonmetal pipeline detection instrument is expensive, so currently unable to detect after buried FRP gratings, other easily in the subsequent construction units in construction injury, damage to the pipe.
4, glass fiber reinforced plastic grille uv protection ability is poor. Now with the glass fiber reinforced plastic grille through production of 0.5 mm thick rich resin on the surface layer and uv absorber (processing factory), to slow the ageing time. As the running time, rich resin layer, and uv absorber will be destroyed, which affects its service life.