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Glass fiber reinforced plastic grille applications

Release date:2017-03-17 10:46:35 Views:629

(FRP FRP gratings) applications:
Water treatment: maintenance walkways, sewer cover plate, a large container, cleaners, trash rack, launder and biochemical water tank hanging fixture, ventilation window, stair, cooling tower work station pavement
Chemical plant: stairs play board, operating platform, guardrail, double floor, trench cover plate, grating
Oil industry: offshore oil platform
Textile: instead of metal grille, wooden platform and concrete cover, dye VAT, floor, near the valve etc
Power plants, chemical water workshop gutter cover, waste water pool, etc
Metal surface treatment: pickling liquor places around, machine instead of wooden floor, high corrosion resistance, electroplating line aisle, double the ground around the container
Marine food processing plants, slick surface and other bad environment, on the ship
Transportation: platform, ship deck, walkways, military minesweeper, stair play board
Beverage: stairs play board, instead of expensive stainless steel, with load floor
Pulp and processing plants, stair play board and floor, floor footpath, humidity bigger place
Electronics: gutter cover plate, pickling workshop, anti-static (antistatic grid) and high cleanliness workshop
Ground meat processing plant: easy to corrosion, stair, floor satiny workbench and play board stairs
Car wash/auto salon: drainage board, parking, car wash car wash gutter cover plate
Other: corrosion shelves, decoration, square fountain, scaffolding, civil construction facilities, breeding fence and double floor, etc.
Operation platform: many chemical plants have a lot of operation platform, using glass fiber reinforced plastic grille as paving material of operating platform, corrosion resistance, no paint, no maintenance, long service life, can use 15 years to 20 years. Three-quarters of light weight, compared with the steel, reduce weight, so you do not need to use when installing hoisting equipment, as a support on the equipment operation platform, and is more suitable. Glass fiber reinforced plastic grille hole cutting, very easy to use arc cutting saws can easily open hole to meet the requirements of equipment installation, and will not cause by opening the change of the mechanical properties of the grille, more will not result in a grid. For the mobile platform, the use of lightweight glass fiber reinforced plastic grille is more suitable. In addition, the appropriate design make FRP gratings are moderate elasticity can relieve the tiredness of the long above staff, improve work efficiency, so it is the ideal material of artificial platform.
Aisle: plants (such as chemical plants, steel mills, etc.) often have many aisles, some of them are the passage between the devices and equipment, some for the use of inspection, the aisle, generally with round steel welded together, due to corrosion, often do anticorrosive coating every year. Made the footpath, FRP grating without maintenance process, can not only make the walkway which can keep color luster, and make aisle light structure, with non-slip sanding surface, northern ice and snow season is the best choice for outdoor aisle.
Glass fiber reinforced plastic grille gutter cover: many electrolytic plant, chemical plants, smelters plant chemical processing workshop; Electroplating factory, battery factory, machinery factory of pickling workshop; Pharmaceutical factory, dyeing factory, salt and so on all have a lot of cooking, cooking is more corrosive liquid, traditional cooking useful Angle steel, flat iron, cast iron welding of gratings, cement plate, etc., these materials are not corrosion resistant, many years, few months which was damaged, rendering fragmented appearance in the workshop, the use of FRP grating can well solve the problem of corrosion, facilitate sewage discharged into the ditch at the same time, also easy to observe in the gutter.
Offshore oil platform: traditional offshore oil platform often use steel plate for paving material, ocean and seawater erosion caused by the bad weather the severe corrosion materials, increase the unsafe factors, has successfully abroad FRP grating used in this harsh environment, due to the reduction in weight three-quarters, makes the base support components are easier to handle, through reasonable design, also can reduce the total cost of the platform.
Sewage treatment: in terms of sewage disposal, FRP grating can be used as a cooling tower under the operating platform of pavement material, can be used as a raw water tank cremation hanging fixture, also can be used for sewage treatment maintenance walkways.
Stair step: chemical, petrochemical plant production equipment often several or even dozens of layers, in order to use a lot of stairs, traditional with steel plate welded or round steel welding stairs quickly destroyed in the corrosion environment, the company provides the stair tread not only can solve the problem of corrosion protection, and prevent slippery wear-resisting.
Fence: high voltage equipment in the factory, around the large reservoir are generally in accordance with the requirements to set the fence. Embellish lam grille with insulation, corrosion resistance, colorful, easy installation, such as performance, is an ideal material used in these places. In addition, can also be used for the Windows of the corrosion environment is severe chemical plant, fences, etc.
Empowerments platforms: walk on top of the tank, the platform is often more serious corrosion, rusting, daunting, suffered from severe corrosion of platform, walkway tend to have accidents, FRP grating manufacture roof platform can completely change the situation.
Anti-corrosion shelves: battery factory has a large amount of storage battery shelves, using glass fiber reinforced plastic shelf, can effectively solve the problem of traditional shelves not resistant to corrosion.
Glass fiber reinforced plastic grille double ground: in many corrosive workshop, such as pulp mill refined pulp workshop, electroplating factory of electroplating workshop, etc. The traditional operation method is operator, finished goods, waste residue, waste liquid in the same ground, it has a lot of inconvenience, easy to cause corrosion damage on the ground, and the real concept of double grating surface on the ground, the upper is composed of FRP gratings, the lower substrate surface for the building, the operator on the grating surface walking assignments, finished goods can be placed on the grating surface, and the waste liquid and waste residue can be row to the lower substrate ground, homework finished strong sprinkler irrigation are available, and clear the ground heap, convenient for operation worker namely so, also facilitate management personnel to make on-site inspection.
Boat deck: step used for boat deck or bridge material, can greatly reduce the weight of the deck, to increase the cargo capacity, and to prevent the medium from a ship and corrosion by seawater. Its good diamagnetism is more suitable for use in mine vessel.