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Geogrid construction points

Release date:2017-03-17 10:56:24 Views:666

1, the construction site: requirements for compaction level off, a horizontal, clear spike lumps. 
2, geogrid laying: on the field of formation compaction, installation of grating the main stress direction (vertical) should be perpendicular to the axis of the embankment, laid to level off, without buckling, tension as far as possible. With sprigging and earth-rock pressure heavy, laid the grille main stress direction is the best long without connectors, the connection between the picture and manual binding lap, lap width not less than 10 cm. Such as setting the grille in two floors above, should be done between layer and layer. After laying large area, to adjust its whole straightness. When filled cover a layer of earth, before rolling, should use manual or machine tension grille, again efforts to evenly, make the grating for strain stress state in the soil. 
3, the choice of packing: packing should be selected according to the requirements of design. Practice has proved that in addition to the frozen soil, swamp soil, living garbage, chalk, diatomite can be used as filler. But gravel soil and sand soil mechanics performance is stable, affected by the moisture content is very small, should be preferable. Packing size shall not be more than 15 cm, and pay attention to control packing grading, to ensure that the compaction weight. 
4, paving and compaction of the packing material: after the grille laying position, should be timely fill cover, bare time shall not exceed 48 hours, can also be taken while laying backfill flow operation method. At both ends of paving packing first, will be fixed grille, central to push again. After the order of RCC is on both sides of the first intermediate. When rolling roller can not directly contact with the reinforced material, uncompacted geotextile generally does not allow vehicles running on it, so as to avoid dislocation reinforcement material. Hierarchical compaction for 20 to 30 cm. Compaction degree must meet the design requirements, it is also a key to the success of the reinforced soil engineering. 
5, waterproof and drainage measures: in reinforced soil engineering, must prepare the wall inside and outside water treatment; To do well spats, scour prevention; In the soil body to set up the filter and drainage measures, if necessary, should be set geotextile, permeable tube (or blind ditch). Adopt the method of channel drainage, cannot be blocked, otherwise hidden trouble.