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Glass fiber reinforced plastic grille performance characteristics

Release date:2017-03-17 10:22:37 Views:619

1, the corrosion resistance: 
Has very excellent acid-proof, alkali resistance, resistance to organic solvents and salt, and many other gas and liquid medium corrosion performance, has the incomparable superiority in the field of anti-corrosion. According to the practical application requirements, can choose to use economically o-type, between benzene, vinyl resin base material. 
2, light weight, high strength, and is convenient for cutting, installation. 
Because it is by the resin and glass fiber composite, its density is not more than 2 kg each smaller CDM, is only a quarter of the steel, aluminum two-thirds. 10 times the strength of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), absolute strength more than aluminum and the level of the ordinary steel. Its light weight, can greatly reduce the foundation support, thus reducing the material cost of the project. Its cutting easy installation, without hot and large-scale lifting equipment, only a small amount of manual and electric tools, makes the installation costs are greatly reduced. 
3, ageing resistance: 
Life in more than 50 years. 
4, flame retardant: 
Ordinary flame retardant grille flame propagation rate (ASTM E - 84) is not more than 25; Advanced flame retardant vinyl grille the flame propagation rate of no more than 10. Oxygen index is not less than 28 (GB 8924). 
5, security: 
It has excellent electrical insulation, 10 kv voltage without breakdown; Without electricity, magnetic available in sensitive to magnetic devices; Glass fiber reinforced plastic grille special structure also has the characteristics such as non-slip, anti-fatigue. 
6, internal and external uniform color 
And the color can be arbitrary choice. Can according to customer request custom color, improve the environment in the workplace. 
7, has good comprehensive economic benefit. 
8, can design 
Flexible size, size stability.