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Glass fiber reinforced plastic grille production process

Release date:2017-03-17 10:43:33 Views:589

Glass fiber reinforced plastic grille production process there are three main types: reciprocating filament winding process and continuous filament winding process and centrifugal pouring process.
Reciprocating filament winding process (n) : in this process, the leaching glue tank with rotating mandrel for reciprocating motion, the long fiber glass with a certain Angle relative to the mandrel axial auxiliary, auxiliary Angle (that is, the winding Angle) baptism glue tank movement speed and the ratio of the core mold speed control, soak glue tank translational motion by computerized machine electric control. The layer number of twisting is gradually increased, to meet the design of wall thickness. Winding is completed, the products of basic curing resin. After curing, emerge from glass steel tube core mold.
Continuous filament winding process (continuous process) : the process is in motion through a supply pipe resin presoak roving, chopped glass fiber and resin sand mixture feeding station, pipe is in the core mold made of continuous progress.
Centrifugal pouring process (n) : in this process, using glass fiber reinforced materials and sand, feeding on the bearing steel in the mould, injection plus unsaturated resin catalyst in die end, make its dipping reinforced material, under the effect of centrifugal force, the resin exchange fiber and filler in the air, so as to create a nonporous compact composite material, the effect of tube wall due to centrifugal force to form a smooth, bright and clean surface layer of rich resin, steel tubes under high temperature curing. In this way manufacturing pipe is also called the FRP sand inclusion.
The world using reciprocating system of filament winding process tube manufacturers more than the other two production technology manufacturers, one of the reasons is made in reciprocating filament winding process glass steel pipe has a wider range of USES, the applicability is better.