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Phenolic molding FRP gratings with the law

Release date:2017-03-17 10:47:51 Views:510

A method of phenolic molding FRP gratings have revealed patent - it includes grille ontology and the stress of the grid nodes. Described according to expert introduction, its characteristic is that the stress of the steel is at least a top-down contraction ladder shape. The utility model through changing the structure of the molded grating, namely: the stress of the grille bar is at least a top-down contraction ladder shape, makes the top of the grille of effective bearing area increases, increase the strength of the force direction, improve the ablation resistance, greatly improving the grille grille of residual strength after ablation, so as to achieve the inspection standards. In addition the utility model does not increase the weight of grille, cost is reduced greatly, compared with similar products is competitive products.