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Analyses the types of FRP sheets and structural advantages

Release date:2017-03-17 10:51:24 Views:592

FRP sheets using new type glass fiber yarn, glass fiber mat, grid cloth and other fiber products and a variety of different resin after extrusion, molding, such as hand paste production process is made and be become. The types of FRP sheets, glass fiber reinforced plastic grille plate, flat glass fiber reinforced plastic plate, glass fiber reinforced plastic plate and so on a number of different types. Main production of glass fiber reinforced plastic plate principle is a glass fiber yarn, glass fiber mat, some glass fiber products, such as grid cloth and resin synthesis. Its production process has molded, hand lay-up, pultrusion, spraying, etc. 
Glass fiber reinforced plastic plate structure advantage is: 
1, glass fiber crisscross textile fully saturated with the resin to make grid corrosion to the greatest extent. 
2, the overall structure will be uniformly distributed load, help installed grille and its supporting structure of uniform stress. 
3, shiny surface and italics the reflector gratings are self-cleaning effect. 
(4), surface concave grating has non-slip performance, sanding the surface anti-skid effect is better.